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Ultrasonic water treatment equipment
Company:Handan  Specifications:HI-TOO450BA
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REVIEW:Traditional chemical method, which costs a lot to build water treatment equipment and can not prevent the formation of new water scale, uses sodion to separate hard salt from water...

Ultrasonic water treatment equipment

Product details

                                 Before treatment                                       After treatmen                                          Working condition

The ultrasonic equipment for water scale removal and control is widely used in industrial and civil heat exchanger. It not only remove water scale, but also control the formation of water scale. It saves energy, improves production efficiency, decreases company operation cost, impacts environment friendly, and is easy to use.
This equipment contains ultrasonic generator, transmission cable, ultrasonic transducer and connection line. According the way it is installed, this equipment can be divided in three types: external, internal and inner.      


2.1 Water scale removal and water scale control can work at the same time. Once water scale is removed, new water scale does not form for a long time.    
2.2 Low energy consumption, reasonable operation cost. Power of this equipment is just 1 KW. Maximum output power is adjustable. 
2.3 Auto protect and guaranteed safety. Three auto smart protection are made for overflow, overpressure and overheat. 
2.4 Smart control. Controller can automatically track frequency, monitor ultrasonic transducer%27s working states and load condition. When the equipment is no load, it automatically has alerting signal and cuts the power supply.        
2.5 Eco-friendly. No chemicals is needed. No corrosion. No pollution. No radiation.    No harm is done to worker%27s health.
2.6 Energy saving. Save 30% energy, because heat exchanger%27s life time is extended and downtime is not necessary.


Chemical industry, heat exchanger, boiler, pipeline, water treatment, power plant, water plant, metallurgy, steel, oil, paper making and many others.

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