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Ultrasonic tapping machine
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REVIEW:the effect of vibration tapping can achieve high-precision, low roughness, high surface quality in the thread work, extend working life of the tap..

Ultrasonic tapping machine

Product details
Vibration tapping machine    Vibration extrusion tapping machine is mainly used for the processing small deep hole thread of difficult to machine materials. Vibration tapping has the following characteristics: 
 1. Promote the chip smoothly discharge
    Tapping with vibration can solve the ordinary tapping chip difficult to break and easy to scratch the parts problem. In particular, the effect is more obvious tapping difficult to machinematerials. 
 2 Reducing utting force, cutting torque 
   Vibration tapping, the size and orientation of the cutting speed to cyclical changes in a short time. The cutting tool in each vibration cycle, the actual cutting speed  high, the chip deformation small and greatly reduce the friction coefficient. Lead to reduce cutting force, cutting torque. 
 3. Extending tap life 
   Acting on the part of vibration tapping pulse cutting force,low cutting temperature , fullcooling, tap on the cutting edge can eliminate the traditional tapping prone to BUE, the phenomenon of thermal wear, thus extending the life of tap 
 4. Improving the precision 
Vibration tapping cutting torque small, smooth removal, tap bond any debris flank andcutting edge, a clear outline of the cutting edge, so processing the thread tooth error small  And tidy appearance rules. At the same time due to vibration tapping the cutting temperature is low, the residual stress of the parts is small thus high surface quality and accuracyof the thread.  
 5. Vibration tapping machine is mainly applied in difficult to machine materials such ashardened steel, high temperature alloys, titanium alloys, high strength steel, the SiCw (or in SiCP) reinforced aluminum matrix composite materials and copper and other difficult materials holes tapping. 
  Vibration tapping machine widely used in aerospace, aviation, weapons, instruments, microwave products andelectronics industries, right-handed and L small threaded hole machining. 
   In short, the use of vibration tapping can achieve high-precision, low roughness,high surface quality and high efficiency  within the thread work. extend the life of the tap,especially in difficult to machine materials the effect is more obvious. Therefore, we have reason to believe that with the continuous development of science and technology, high precision mechanical parts, new materials continue to emerge, vibration tapping there will be more widely used

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